B2BCamp Revisited

It’s been only a few months, but B2BCamp is launching again in Boston.   For those new to the event, its an unconference for marketers and sales.  A few peers in the industry felt that there was a gap in not only B2B events, but ones that speak practically to marketing and sales alignment as [...]

“The Advantage” in Marketing Operations

With dozens of clients and projects under successful completion over the last year, as a team, we’ve been reviewing  commonalities among many of those projects.   One of the most interesting discussions focused organizational “culture”. To digress just a bit,  one of my guiding lights, David Cummings,  once referred to a book at a local start-up [...]

Five Marketing Operation Lessons from James T. Kirk

Both my wife , as well as my former boss referred me to Star Trek themed thoughts on how to approach marketing.  When they both agree, I tend to listen. While I did not grow up watching Star Trek, I did catch on. Alex Knapp’s article about the Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk, was just [...]

Poll Everywhere – Twitter, SMS, Web

People love to give input…  I’ll admit it, I do! Well, so do innovative marketers and event managers.   As we’ve been investing in the launch of B2BCamp (“sold out”), our first B2B unconference for marketing and sales professionals.  A derivative of ProductCamp, B2BCamp offers an opportunity for the attendees to not only submit/present/promote ideas for sessions, [...] Read More

Rise of Marketing Technology

For so long, I have had to explain to marketing folks that “marketing technology” is how marketers leverage the use of technology to improve their efforts.  Scott Brinker from chiefmartec.com and Co-Founder of Ion Interactive has conducted some search analysis on “marketing technology” one of which is that the term is up +300%.  There so [...] Read More


We are proud to donate our time to a new event in the Atlanta area called B2BCamp. I’ve been working with some peers in the industry to create the first B2BCamp here in Atlanta - b2bcamp.com. The ‘camp’ concept empowers the attendees to drive the agenda. First topics of presentations are submitted by any of the [...]

‘Popular’ Marketing Automation Vendor Study

Capterra, a software directory website, recently released the results of a research study comparing the popularity of various Marketing Automation vendors.  The comparison focused on available stats from Alexa, Compete, Google and Twitter data as well as some user data.   While top marks went to familiar companies such as Eloqua, Hubspot and Infusionsoft (all NeoMarketing [...]

Silverpop Agent ROI Roadshow – ATL

It seems all that I’ve been posting lately have been about conferences, well, here’s another   I wrote about other sponsored roadshows like this one which provide you the opportunity to receive strong thought leaders to you as well as offer an opportunity to network. KUDOS to 1) event planners for making this happen and [...]

Pardot Users Conference

So I attended the Pardot Users Conference in Atlanta, GA.   Users conferences, when well done as this one, can really boost confidence in the system and provide a great opportunity for face-to-face time. When I arrived, there were a sea of smiling Pardot folks in grey shirts guiding us around and answering questions. The [...]

New Perspectives Pt.1 – MIS and Marketing Alignment

New Perspectives There are lots on-going about marketing and sales alignment. However, as marketing begins to recapture the role as an operational center of an organization, marketing will need to look beyond the revenue silo to increasingly learn and leverage support from other parts of the organization.   In this “new perspectives” series, we’ll explore [...]